cardarine gw-501516 review

If you are bitten by the whole SARMS buzz but didn’t know which ones are worth your time and attention, then you are at the right place.

We have been dabbling in SARMS ever since they were obscure research chemicals with strange names.

Oh yeah, we’ve been guinea pigs for a long time, testing one SARM after the other, often in ascending doses and seeing what it throws up.

Some of them were truly remarkable and one day, might replace anabolic androgenic steroids.

Others were just a pathetic waste of time and money.

While a third lot was far too dangerous even in mild doses.

One compound that we liked a lot is Cardarine or GW501516, also known as Enduburol.

Cardarine gained popularity among athletes as an endurance booster. But its effects go way beyond boosting your cardio.

In fact, most athletes that we spoke to are unaware about Cardarine. So here goes.

#1 – Cardarine is not a SARM

what is gw 501516

Time and again, we have seen manufacturers label Cardarine as a SARM. It is even grouped and sold along with other SARMS.

But Cardarine in reality, is a PPARδ agonist that has a very ‘SARMS-like’ action in the human body.

You see, Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors or PPAR are a group of proteins that act as a sensor in fatty tissue and muscle cells in the human body.

Cardarine binds to these proteins and activates them which in turn amplifies their activities across multiple sites in the human body.

We will touch on this in a bit.

#2 – GW501516 is an exercise mimetic

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This means, that it mimics the effect of exercise even if you are immobile or have a sedentary lifestyle.

It boosts fat loss and increases lean muscle continually even when you are doing nothing but sitting on a couch all day.

Think about the potential applications of something like that.

Older men recovering from surgery or those who are unable to exercise due to various reasons often experience severe muscle loss and gain weight. Cardarine can help prevent this.

For the athlete or anyone who’s physically active, it’s a performance enhancement booster that will increase the efficiency of their workout routines with amazing effects.

#3 – GW501516 improves endurance

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One of the effects of a PPAR agonist like Cardarine is that it increases an oxidative response in skeletal muscle. In simple terms, it increases your endurance. You can run faster. You can run longer. Your breathing seems easier. You are able to cover more laps, more distance.

In the gym, your lifts become easier. You are able to stack more plates on the bar.

You can go on for longer without getting worn out.

Club that with some of the other effects of the compound and you have the perfect performance enhancement drug for athletes and bodybuilders.

Anabolic steroid users in particular can benefit tremendously from the endurance boosting properties of the compound.

If you are using Trenbolone, which is notorious for severely limiting cardiovascular ability, Cardarine might help counter these effects of Tren.

#4 – It burns fat

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In normal circumstances, the human body prefers to use sugar or glucose as its primary source of fuel during exercise. This results in most athletes hitting the wall when their sugar reserves are depleted.

In other words, you are unable to perform to the best of your potential and may stop working out prematurely.

Cardarine enhances fatty acid metabolism which means that your body starts to tap into stored fat to fuel your workouts rather than relying on glucose.

The results are pretty amazing. You will lose even the stubbornest layers of fat that your body was clinging on to.

Although GW501516 or exercise each enhanced fatty acid oxidation in skeletal muscle, GW501516 predominately induces fatty acid metabolism, while training also induced protein metabolism as an energy source.’ ~

#5 – GW-501516 prohibits insulin resistance

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Insulin resistance is considered as the root cause for Type-II diabetes. When your body’s insulin resistance drops, it is forced to secrete more and more insulin to reduce blood glucose levels.

Cardarine helps improve insulin resistance and thereby may help prevent the onset of Diabetes.

Reduced or weakened insulin resistance has also been linked with accumulation of belly fat.

#6 – Cardarine reduces LDL or bad cholesterol

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One of the innate qualities of Cardarine is that it helps to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol or LDL while also burning fat.

Doesn’t that make it a great compound to use as an anabolic steroid adjunct?

It is well known that most anabolic steroids are incredibly harsh on your cardiac health. Orals in particular can have a severe negative impact on your lipid levels.

Cardarine is the perfect compound to add to your stack. You feel more energetic, you burn fat, your lipid levels reduce, your insulin resistance improves.

Can it get any better?

#7 – GW501516 increases lean muscle

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Not only does it help you lose fat, it also helps you gain muscle even when you are sedentary.

The clinical trials were conducted on mice and the ones that were administered Cardarine got leaner and meaner.

Jokes apart, these mice gained lean muscle while losing fat.

And that includes untrained mice.

Trained mice of course gained more muscle. So, if you take Cardarine and train hard, you will lose more fat and gain more muscle.

That’s a body recomposition stack in one single compound.

#8 – Cardarine is non-hormonal

gw PCT

PPAR agonists are very unique chemicals that have a plethora of beneficial effects in the body, most of which occur in skeletal muscle tissue. This makes it seem like it’s a hormonal chemical. But it isnt.

GW501516 is completely non-steroidal and non-hormonal.

This means that you do not need a PCT protocol after you run a cycle of Cardarine.

#9 – Phase II of Clinical trials were abandoned

gw501516 Clinical trials and studies

The Cancer study is responsible for a lot of the bad press that Cardarine has generated over the past few years. Well, there is one study which does mention that intestinal cancer in mice were increased due to Cadarine usage.

But that study was conducted for a ridiculously long time at obscene doses.

But there’s another study that cites that GW501516 may in fact help shrink tumor size in the human body.

So, you can say that the studies are contradictory. And we just don’t have enough data yet to come to a conclusion.

cardarine (gw501516) for sale

Closing thoughts

All said and done, Cardarine is among the most versatile performance enhancement compounds that we have ever used.

Should you use it? That’s at your discretion.

According to us, there are tons of things that can cause cancer including Microwave ovens, tanning booths and even cell phones.

GW501516 definitely has a lot of positives which far outweigh the one ‘possible’ negative.  

Besides, we don’t intend to run it for a year at a stretch.


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