About Foundation 4 Cancer Wellness

Vision:  A community of supportive care for women affected by Breast and Gynecologic cancer.


We will raise funds to invest in and engage with organizations and programs dedicated to the social-emotional, physical and practical support of individuals affected by cancer.

With a focus on breast and gynecologic cancer, we invest in supportive care through 4  inter-related strategic areas that we believe will have a significant impact on the well-being and quality of life of individuals and families affected by cancer:

  • Social-emotional support
  • Physical support
  • Promotion and awareness of supportive care
  • Community collaboration and engagement


We accomplish our mission through the following means:

  • Provide grants to organizations and programs that are in line with our focus impact areas.
  • Facilitate conversations and collaboration amongst community stakeholders to ensure maximum availability of and access to cancer wellness programs and services.
  • Raise funds through corporate sponsorship, major gifts, investment revenue, social enterprise and events.

We will help support the activities of organizations whose vision, values, goals and objectives are compatible with those of the Foundation 4 Cancer Wellness.

For more information please contact Barb Daize or Victoria Diaz