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Dear Friends of BCSS

As you may know, BCSS engaged in a process of evaluation and visioning in order to ensure the best in supportive care is available to those affected by cancer in the Burlington community.

After much thought, our Board of Directors has decided on a new mission for our organization as detailed in the attached document (here).

As of June 30, 2016 BCSS has ceased to deliver programs and services directly. Instead, supportive care programs in Burlington will be provided by a wide range of other organizations and programs with valued expertise in social-emotional, physical and practical support. Our newly imagined foundation will raise funds and  provide the financial support and oversight to these community organizations and programs. We believe this model will increase the availability and variety of support to individuals and families affected by cancer.

BCSS Executive Director, Maryann Kerr was recently interviewed by the Burlington Post regarding this transition and our future vision. The article can be found here:  Burlington Post article

Please be assured that BCSS will continue communicating with volunteers, members and supporters throughout this transition. Please keep an eye out for announcements on our website and social media as well as email invitations to upcoming events and celebrations. If you have any immediate concerns or questions, please feel free to contact the office directly. Thank you!

Phone:                           905-634-2333
Maryann Kerr:            mkerr@breastcancersupport.org
Catherine Gwinnett:  cgwinnett@breastcancersupport.org